Enjoy Your New Smile Almost Immediately!

With Teeth-In-A-Day, you can walk into our office without teeth, and walk out the same day, with a new set of permanent teeth on four implants.

Often referred to as Immediate Function Implants, Teeth in One Day give you the ability to enjoy your new smile immediately after you dental implant has been placed.

Teeth in One Day allows you to receive an implant and a crown all in one day, or receive dental implants and a fully-functioning set of teeth in one day. Therefore, in cases where one or several teeth are missing, implants are placed and temporary teeth (crowns) are connected to the implants in the same appointment.

Teeth-In-A-Day is the perfect solution that Dentistry @ Arnprior offer for people that have only one missing tooth, several missing teeth, no teeth at all or will have all their teeth removed in either the top jaw, bottom jaw, or both jaws (All-on-4). Patients can have one tooth replaced or a full set of teeth in one treatment visit. This cutting edge procedure will utilize 3D Cone-Beam CT Scan (CBCT) technology to plan the implant placement and make a restoration (teeth replacement) so you walk out with your implants supporting your new teeth. This new method accelerates and simplifies the dental implant process.

It is possible to chew, speak, and smile with confidence all on the same day as your surgery. In addition, the Teeth in One Day treatment often leads to shorter overall treatment time and increased patient satisfaction, while maintaining consistent results.

Benefits of Teeth in One Day:

  • Shortened treatment time
  • Increased patient comfort and convenience
  • Bone is immediately stimulated allowing for long-lasting aesthetics
  • Lifelong, predictable solution supported by extensive research