Written Reviews

Verner S
Once again this clinic has lived up to it's reputation as a really great and pleasant place to get the right skills and care needed to address challenging dental work that often is needed by Seniors like myself.In this clinic I walk in and out happy- confident that I'm getting the help I need. My much needed work (complicated extraction and rebuilds by implants - same day) was done by Dr.Bansal the leader of this clinic and his assistant Kim. As expected the work was done in his usual efficient and gentle manner- delivered with little or no pain, careful handling, in a relatively short time and with plenty of sharing (even humour) to explain the hows/whys of the steps involved. The latter information is very important for patients to trust and appreciate the value of the dental skills and work being done, but also to help the patient in his/her role towards speedy healing and self-help in the dental care process. The bonuses in my visit was feeling relaxed- the work wouldn't take long- and also seeing a busy, happy team now friends of mine, and the smiles of other patients- young and old. The other bonus was meeting another specialist-Dentist receiving treatment and technique-sharing from Dr.Bansal- this pretty much confirms the level of expertise and teaching value of this clinic in the region.

Susan L
Excellent service.

Timothy B
Everyone here is polite. Friendly TREAT you like family. If you have questions they take time to explain.it is like visiting family here. I give them all a thumbs up. Keep up the great workTim

Belinda S
Very reaxing..No stress.

Verner S
My experience again with this clinic has been a great one. This is my third round of implant/bone graft/crown work, all done in the course of over a few months. Last week was the install of two crowns and a chip repair to another tooth. The install of crowns went extremely smooth, without any fitting problems. The crowns look very natural and feel very comfortable- I actually really don't notice their presence. Both the install and chip repair were done without any pain suppressants. I chose that route largely because Dr.Bansal and his assistants are always very careful and fast with the work and preparation- he has a great team. And thank them for sharing their knowledge which helped a great deal to understand the high value of implant technology.

Judith Ann D
Although nervous when I arrived , i was quickly put at ease by the professional care given to me. Both the assistant and doctor were very understanding and gentle. While a dentist office has never been my favourite place you are all changing that each time I come. thank you so much.

Dennis D
Everything very professional and polite. A pleasant experience

Shannon G
The staff are always happy and take care of me promptly. I love the reminders I get for my appointments and how much they give back to the community.

Linda S
Staff were were kind & helpfulDentist explained all my options

Jennifer M
For someone like me who is terrified of the dentist the staff made me feel welcome. They are kind and caring to your needs and I had a great experience.

Daniel R
I was very impressed with my entire appointment from the time I entered the office until I left.The front desk, the nurses and all the technicians were so pleasant and helpful.Dr. Neeraj Bansal was excellent and pulled my molar with very little discomfort. Well Done!Last night I was very comfortable and had little pain or discomfort.

Christopher E
Another fine job. My smile is looking great!

Linda W
excellent as usual

Emergency appointment for a broken tooth, repaired the same day.

Cindy M
Yesterday myself and my two boys came here for the first time. The quality of service was amazing from the time we were greeted at the front reception desk, to the dentist assistant, to the dentist himself and the girl who did my insurance and new appointments, was very welcoming and comforting. The staff were amazing with my boys and I feel as though everyone took initiative to make us feel as comfortable as possible. I am happy with the dentristry i chosen for myself and my two boys, that we look forward you coming visits.

Amy P
It was a comfortable stay for a lot of fillings. It got a little long but Netflix & the staff talking helped it feel more relaxing.

Shannan C
I have recommended this business to a few others already.Thanks Shannan

It was a very good experience from the time i arrived They treated me quite well The service was fast and efficient and made me feel comfortable I had to have an emergency extraction and did not know what to expect however the dentist i had was extremely knowledgeable and told me what to expect and what my options were without pressuring my decision My whole experience went well and i would recommend their services to anyone

Everyone is very personable. They call you by your first name, have small talk when it's appropriate and remember things that you talked about on previous visits. I have not received much other than a cleaning but all of their work has been great!

Dieter K
Very friendly and informative service. The procedure was explained very well.

Pam M
I had my first root canal and needless to say I was terrified! But Dr. Bansal and his staff are so amazing! It didn’t hurt at all and he even gave me a quick jaw massage when it was all over!!!! Honestly if you have a fear of the dentist or are nervous in any way please give these guys a try. You won’t regret it. I certainly don’t!!!!!!

Vanessa P
For a very first checkup it went well & am no longer nervous of the dentist.

Amy P
It was easy & comfortable procedure for my fillings. Took a lot of time due to a lot of bleeding. Glad I was able to hold me mouth open without mouth guards.

Michelle S
This is my favourite place to go and get dental work done. The staff here are amazing, friendly and doing everything they can to make your visit here as comfortable n painless as they can. Kristy took really good care of me while im dealing with very sensitive gums she was being very gentle n always making she i was ok n in no pain. Thank you to all the staff for all you have done for me n my family...

Patrick B
You guys are amazing people compassionate and carring i thank you for that you made me feel great and helped bring my self esteem up to new hights looking foward to making my teeth healthy and being able to smile again thanks again

Mark P
Everyone was amazing. Very good experience.

Kayla L
I immediately felt comfortable as soon as I walked in the door! Such a great office!

Jason L
Very welcoming and courteous staff!!

David M
My dental hygienist was great. Friendly and efficient.

Justin C
Very fast and professional

As always excellent sevice and a pleasure going to the dentist the staff are great thx again

I broke off a large piece of a front tooth. OMG how discouraging - the chip was off the front surface so it was yucky, and worse, most likely beyond repair. However, Dr.Bansal, always the cheerful and resourceful optimist, came to the rescue and through some speedy, highly intricate and creative reconstruction the tooth was rescued. It is a perfect fit, in all ways: comfortable feel, again useful, a totally natural look, and at very, very little cost, considering limited insurance. Dr.Bansal's timely repair has made even my wife happy, and has even impressed my friends, but most of all it is a great relief- good things are possible thanks to the clinic and their imaginative and advanced skills.

Sheri S
I am so happy to have found Dentistry @ Arnprior! I am always a nervous dental patient but Dr Bansal and his staff always put me at ease. They are all friendly and take the time to explain treatments and to ensure your comfort.

Raymond L
As always, very professional!

Timothy B
My first appointment was wonderful. ALL staff was friendly and my dentist took the time to talk to me about my concerns and questionsThanks to the wonderful team there see you at my next appointment. If anyone is looking for a dentist stop looking and pick up the phone and call.Tim Brooks.

Greg L
My apologies to Nichol for falling asleep while getting my teeth cleaned, so gentle and relaxing

Alain S
Thank you for fitting me in so fast to get my Tooth pulled.. Customer service was amazing, the Ladies knew what the were talking about and answered all my QuestionsThank you again PAIN FREE!!!

Marsha C
Always friendly and informative staff. Nicole and Cyndi thank you for a good visit.Love the new changes to the waiting area!

Lilliane W
Very friendly staff perfect service

Amy P
It was an easy process to get 2 wisdom teeth removed but one was causing difficulty & is in a lot more pain & still is a few days later. But it was still a fast service & loved it was in the dentist office.

Cindy, Janet ,Kim and the dentists are so great! very professional and friendly.

Greg L
Have you ever gone away for a time and come home and rejoiced at the love you feel from family on your return well that's how this staff made me feel. When you tell your dentist they are so gentle and they apologize ..to funny. Thank you Cyndi, Amber and all the staff for making your dentistry the best in the valley.

Glen F
Nochole is amazing

Jeffrey B
thought I broke a tooth , got an appointment same day and turned out to be a filling came out, Fixed it right away and I was on my way ,

Verner S
So again it was a great visit - starting off with a big laugh from us patients in the reception area because the whole staff suddenly entered with a hardy welcome greeting ( even more vigorous than usual) a cluster of party balloons and treats. WHY? Well, one of us- it turns out "me" was "POM" - PATIENT of the MONTH! Wow, what a pleasant and shocking surprise! Apparently a patient get's singled out to be "POM" in appreciation of us all as patients and the staff wanting to make visits really "great (again)" - it's not a Trumpism, but rather it is yet another example of the clinic's way to make us smile (a very healthy exercise) and in a way reduce any feelings of apprehension or discomfort that we might incur during the team's effort to help restore our dental health and well being. Actually, the staff under Dr.Bansal's leadership go to great lengths to ensure us patients are well-taken care and comfortable. As an example today, WITHOUT ANY MEDICATION, I had a broken tooth-rebuilt and a crown installed on a fine implant Dr.Bansal already constructed- it was a breeze, my choice not have any pain-killer, but experience told me that the work would be precise and the care would be gentle.

Nicola B
All staff were welcoming and sought to put me at ease throughout my experience. Treatment was exactly as promised - quick and painless. Direct billing to my health insurer ensured payment was the same.

Christopher E
Another good visit with Dr Ghai. We are getting there just a few not visits n you will have my smile all fixed up. Thanks again!

Lilliane W
everything was perfect thank you for the excellent service

Jamie K
The best experience one can have going to the dentist. Amber & Cyndi take care of all your needs, they are extremely professional, compassionate and welcoming. Very grateful to have found this dentist office from the best hygienist- Nicole to Dr.Bansal and beyond. My whole family are now clients and never been happier.

Jo-ann O
The staff at Arnprior Dentistry are all professional and kind and caring people. They go beyond making your experience rewarding for that brighter smile . I would recommend this Dentistry to anyone who wants to experience a calm and professional job while working on your bright smile.

Phillip W
Excellent as always. I do like everyone there.

Nicola F
Very Clean with Friendly staff.

Amy P
It was to fill 3 cavities. I found it a little long & my mouth was bugging me because of the little things she used to keep my mouth open. I'm very use to keeping it open due to many cavities in the past. But it was a great relaxing experience especially since they spoke to me throughout the whole procedure. I would love if I could have someone in my family to sit even at my feet like when I got my teeth removed.

Ken W
Just walked in and booked an appointment for the next day to have the teeth cleaned up. I had a small wait but then the young lady got straight to work. She explained to me what she was doing and why. It did not take as long as I thought and I out the door on time for my next appointment. The staff were happy and helpful. The bill was not as bad as thought it would be. On the whole it was a pleasant experience.

Michelle S
Everyone is great and very calming in a stressful situation..Thanks for being informative and gentle.

Verner S
My visit was a happy one as usual- happy, because the staff make it a pleasant and respectful place to get help. The place bustles with energy - a steady stream of patients of all ages with happy faces- there is no undue waiting at any time. I'm happy, because dental work got done fast with relatively little or no discomfort and, I left knowing that I got excellent dental care and progress was being made on my age-related dental complications. A lot has to do with the willingness of staff and their leader, Dr. Bansal, to patiently explain what and why all is being done, including different options and time that may be needed. This is a great team-the pride of its members shows in the high quality of the facilities and equipment.

Pam M
Dr. Bansal is the best! He is funny and kind and very gentle! The way he puts the freezing in dies t hurt! I swear! I don’t know how he does it but it’s incredible! And everyone is so happy there! Cindy is the best so kind and sweet and helpful and Amber is one of the happiest people I’ve ever met! Everyone should come here!!!!!!

Mary Anne M
Pleasant experience, professional service by all personnel!

Eunice C
as usual, very friendly and efficient

Sarah S
Great, knowledgeable, friendly staff. They make you feel comfortable the entire visit.

Neil D
Great experience